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Your plants can be damaged through wind and rain. At Peacock, you will find products that provide optimal support for your plants, such as the Pinnups plant supports. But we also provide practical supports for your kitchen garden and houseplants. View our product listing.

Help feeding the birds!

Peacock’s collection of bird feeders consists of stylish feed holders for bird seed and fat balls. Choose between elegant feeding houses or try a practical fat ball holder. All products are made of high quality materials and are weaterproof. Available in modern white or classic green.

A short example

Enjoying hydrangea Annabelle

Hydrangea arborescens, or hydrangea Annabelle, are planted in more and more gardens. The plants are beautiful in a classic borders but are also indispensable in modern gardens. With white flowers the size of a football, the Annabelle is often seen as the most beautiful hydrangea. But what to do if the flowers fall over after a gust of wind or rain?

With our Annabelle support grids, Annabelle always stand proudly upright. The best result is obtained when the grids are placed over the plant before the growth period. This requires 3 support stakes that you stick into the earth, and in which the support grids are clamped. As soon as the Annabelles start to grow, they grow through the grid. Because each support stake is equipped with a height-adjustable coupler, it is possible to adjust the grid in height. This way it is always in the right place to optimally support the plant.

There are square grids (75 x 75 cm) for Annabelles in a square flower bed, and there are round grids (Ø 75 cm) for solitary plants. Because the grids are made of hard galvanized coated steel, they do not rust and the dark green color is retained. Moreover, they do not stand out among the plants.

Straight lines in a modern garden

Always beautiful plants, always proud of your garden

Photo: Ludo Diercx Hoveniers BE

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